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Vintage Saree Moth Repellent Bags

Product Code: SMB5


If you worry when it's time to put those precious jumpers away – and if, like us, you suffered from a plague of clothes moths last year - you'll no doubt be in need of a pack of these gorgeous moth-repellent saree bags. Handmade from recycled brocade sarees, these gorgeous little drawstring bags are then filled with our own blend of naturally moth repellent woods and herbs.

Each box contains five assorted sachets.

There is no more elegant - or sinus-friendly - way of protecting your precious blankets and sweaters from the depredations of our tiny, winged, devil-spawn friends.

They'll keep the air in your bedroom or dressing room sweet and delicious too!

Now we're offering the herbal blend in oil form too, so it's easy to revive your sachets rather than buying more.



Manufacturer: CL Leavey & Co


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