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The Quiet Album

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A Measured Dose of Silence for Noisy Boys.

Illustrated throughout, this little book of sixteen poems is, basically, Claire Leavey's long-awaited debut album. Originally produced as a Christmas 2012 gift for friends and family, the response was such that a second printing - this time for sale - became inevitable. 

"In my end was my beginning, so I s'pose I'll keep on sinning. Who'd predict that, left for dead, I'd keep a deathgrip on my sanity? Sing 'Huzzah!', my dears! Rejoice! It's all a triumph for humanity! And now that I begin to see, the wreck of what I was before, I'm giving you these bits of me, cos I don't need them any more."

Clairians 1:01


Publication date: May 31st 2013. Pre-order and your copy will arrive signed. Please specify any dedication in the 'delivery instructions' box as you go through checkout. Thank you!

Manufacturer: CL Leavey & Co


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