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Before the days of electricity we could still experience the marvels of the virtual world - courtesy of the weird ways of the human retina and this amazing book!

Consisting of a set of sixteen specially-constructed plates, 'Spectropia' is a cleverly designed book of 'surprising spectral illusions', each one brought about by staring hard at a dot on the page, and then removing your eyes to gaze at a blank wall.

Prefaced with a few pages of 'a popular and scientific description' and instructions, the full-page coloured plates make up the major part of the book, each accompanied by a description of how it will appear when you have stared sufficiently to bring the apparition into being.

"Those who use gaslight will find it convenient, after having looked at the plate as above described, to extemporise a darkened room by having the gaslight turned low; or one end of the room may be darkened by placing a screen before the gas, lamp, or candle light."

Absolutely fabulous fun, and an ideal contribution to a family party - especially if you live in an area prone to power-cuts …

I'm thinking Hallowe'en?

15pp plus 16 full-page coloured plates; softback facsimile of a book first published in 1863.



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