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The Country Housewife's Book

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"How to make the Most of Country Produce and Country Fare, by Lucy H Yates."

As more people begin to get the hang of producing their own food, it's maybe time to get some guidance on how to manage the harvest and put your produce to best use, how to cope with a sudden and massive glut, and how to maximise the pleasure and profit to be gained from working your own plot, bagging your own game - and even keeping your own bees, rabbits, hens and cow. This book provides all the tips your great-Grandma would have if she were around to share them now …

Particularly useful is the information on setting up and stocking a really good larder, with advice on bottling equipment, sugar and spices, pressure cooking, and hayboxes. Other fascinating and essential chapters include: Garden and Orchard Fruits, Garden Vegetable Produce, Milk and Eggs, The Sportsman's Bag, Herbs of Grace, Hobbies of the Country Housewife, and Some Household Pests and Friends, Special Country-House Recipes.

Not only is this a truly delightful and inspiring book to browse, it's also an incredibly handy guide to integrating productive management of a kitchen garden with a really enjoyable and fulfilling life:

"People who go to the country at weekends are sometimes puzzled to know how to save small quantities of fruit that have ripened sooner than they expected, for which they have made no provision of jars or sugar, yet wish to save until such time as they can deal with it in propoer fashion …"

213pp Persephone softback facsimile of book first published 1934, illustrated with some delightful line drawings, and with Persphones' beautiful signature endpapers (here a 1933 rotary screen print on linen textile by Duncan Grant) and matching bookmark.



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