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Stainless Steel Garden Shears

Product Code: STA3354C57


There's a reason why these old-fashioned shepherds' hand shears still have a place in the gardener's toolkit.

Lightweight, manoeuvrable, easy to operate, and amazingly dextrous and precise, they are the ideal tool for trimming soft new topiary growth, for cutting herbs, and for general softwood tidying. They also make excellent heavy-duty scissors for cutting garden sheet such as polythene and fleece, and even for twine and string! Incredibly, Medieval dressmakers used shears just like these for cutting out.

We're thrilled to have sourced this excellent no-frills set of high-quality, super-sharp stainless-steel shears at a seriously useful price – and we're sure your perennials will be pretty pleased with them too!

Wipe over with oil occasionally to keep in tip top condition. Supplied boxed.



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