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Pure English Beeswax 1oz block

Product Code: PURWIEY860


Pure English beeswax is really something to conjure with.

In fact, many people buy these just so they can enjoy the fragrance they release when kept in warm air!

Used in the original 1oz bar, you'll find beeswax has a myriad of uses: for waxing thread in needlework, easing drawers, filling cracks in antique furniture (just rub across the crack and then scrape away excess before polishing), smoothing sticky curtain poles, and even (whisper it!) making your own gorgeous herbal skincare products!

It's so enjoyable to make your own polishes and skincare products using materials as delicious as this - so if you're even a beginner at home apothecary, one of these little bars could mean the beginning of something beautiful!

1oz is approximately 28g in new money.



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