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Pot of Gold

Product Code: POG30


A superior substitute for ‘Vaseline’ or petroleum jelly, Pot of Gold Soothing Barrier Ointment is lanolin, water, paraben and petrochemical free.

Handmade with only British beeswax, it provides an effective and nourishing barrier, protecting skin from moisture - and from ambient infection. Even better, since it's generously laced with extracts of soothing, healing calendula and antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal lavender, it actually helps skin to recover from attack.

It's so amazingly versatile, customers have reported great results in all sorts of applications. We've heard of it being used to great effect in combatting things as diverse as bedsores in the elderly, and bites and scratches sustained while walking in Namibia!

In brief, then, this amazing product is ideal for any and all sore patches, chapping, damage, and – perhaps most importantly – nappy rash and mothers’ nipples. Now comes in a handy 30ml blue glass pot. Of gold.

Happy customer Kate McDougall told us:

"Pot of Gold is the only thing that stops my daughter's backside erupting!"

Thanks for that, Kate!



Manufacturer: CL Leavey & Co


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