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Moth Oil 5ml

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Our own blend of cedar, rosemary and lavender essential oils to repel moths without repelling humans! Exactly the same blend is used in our saree moth bags, and five drops of the oil blend per bag will refresh them for a further six months' use.

The bottles come with a traditional glass pipette dropper, and can be used to add the powerful insect-repelling fragrance of cedar, lavender and rosemary to any area where precious woollens, silks and cashmere articles are stored.

5ml pure natural Moth Oil, carefully hand-blended from only the purest natural aromatherapy-quality essential oils.

Please note: repellent products will not eliminate existing infestations. If you already have a problem and choose not to use chemicals, please see our article, 'Housekeeping naturally!', for information on natural ways to rid your home of moths.


Manufacturer: CL Leavey & Co


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