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Letterpress Cards

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Handprinted on vintage presses from the original blocks, onto assorted colours.

Cards available will change over time. Currently available are:

1: 'If you're still worried about your carbon footprint, simply take off your boots when you bring in the coal!". Made using 1950s blocks of Shell and BP logos, hot metal 'Palace Script' type - and a classic Morris Minor. Blank inside.

2: "21 again my darling? How utterly, deliciously chic". Gorgeous 1920s woman, Victorian coppertop iced cake, hot metal Palace Script, and 1930s ornamented digits. Blank inside.

3: "Wish you were here", blank inside. Features a 1930s caravan image and rare wooden Gill Sans.

4: "Group HQ", red wooden Gill Sans over a map of London's Bloomsbury. Blank inside.

5: "Get Well Soon". Features a 1940s lead-top block originally advertising a crash repair workshop.

6: "Your New Home". An Edwardian motor-van, driven by a pair of redoubtable moustachioed aus-moovin geezers.

7: "Happy birthday … Old Boot!" An Edwardian advertising image on the front, and the 'old boot' punchline inside!

Please note: quantity discount applies to five of single design only. For a mixture, please select 'random 5' to obtain your discount. Buy a set of all seven and you'll get one free!


Manufacturer: CL Leavey & Co

Quantity Price per unit
5+ £2.00

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