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By Agnes Jekyll, sister-in-law of legendary garden designer Gertrude, 'Kitchen Essays' is a perfect bed-time book for the expert cook and housekeeper - containing a wealth of practical information which you will doubtless bring with you to the kitchen table in the morning!

Each chapter conjures up an image of a situation, and proceeds to put together the perfect culinary answer to its questions: so we have 'children's bread, 'some Tuscan recipes', 'a shooting-party luncheon', 'a dinner before the play', 'food for artists and speakers', 'luncheon for a motor excursion in winter', 'a little supper after the play', 'tray food' for invalids, and so on. Jekyll is so thoughtful in her imaginings of the varying challenges to which the cook might be put that there is barely a situation which she has not (if you'll excuse me!) catered for.

With entertaining literary references sprinkled throughout, and a parade of delicious recipes embedded in the text, this is both a delightful browser and a useful reference work. Recipes include: quince jelly, soles au gratin, poulet grillé saint jean, potato salad, mousse of whiting and lobster, junket and cream, aspic jelly, macaroons, baked alaska, waffles - and so many more. A recipe index is thoughtfully provided!

"Mrs Gladstone's practice of sending her husband into battle on an egg-flip, cleverly produced at the psychological moment, can be imitated with this Frothed Wine Soup, good for a prima donna or pianist soon going into action, and can be made by anybody who can whisk an egg …"

An evocative record of high times now long past, combined with some very practical - and delicious - cookery. An inspiration to our culinary dreams, no less.

263pp Persephone facsimile edition of a book first published in 1922, with endpapers taken from a 1922 printed silk, and matching bookmark.



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