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Why Not Eat Insects?

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With an introduction by the Keeper of Entymology at the British Museum and an endorsement from the serious environmentalist Dr David Bellamy, this is not the rampage through insanity you might first suppose!

Setting out the environmental and practical case for consumption of insects (namely that they are an excellent source of nutrition, and eating them additionally helps to preserve our precious crops), the author goes on to outline the history of insect consumption (aka 'entomophagy') by cultures as diverse as the Moors, Arabs, Chinese, Ancient Greeks, Native Americans et pretty much al.

Finally we have his menu recommendations, with a guide to those insects that we'd find most readily in the British Isles and which are best to eat - complete with serving suggestions and sample menus!

"Again there is the common Buff-tip, a handsome moth, with forewings of a beautiful grey colour, marked with ruddy and black patches, and tipped, as its name imports, with light buff. It is handsome. What is more, let me whisper the ogreish suggestion that its body, an inch in length, is plump, round, and sweet …"

Quite amazing.

100pp softback facsimile of a book of c.1884.



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