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The Child Life Cook Book

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The modern breed of children's cookery book can be rather tiresome, with its apparently endless parade of hysterical attempts at 'fun'. Too many expensive rice krispies, chocolate, marshmallows, and hopelessly elaborate constructions of goat's cheese and greasy toast do not a balanced diet make. And we also find the lurid images rather tend to put us off our food!

So it's a thrill to be able to bring you this very special book, dating from 1926, the year of the general strike, and filled with thoughtfully put together background information, broken into lessons so your child really does learn how to cook - and this via a range of truly practical meal-oriented recipes, which have our collective mouths watering whenever it's the youngsters' turn to produce an meal!

"This lesson is on soups that are especially good for luncheon or supper. That does not mean that they are not also good for dinner - dear me, no! But it does mean that they have more value as nourishment than the soups in the other lesson and you will enjoy these, especially when you have less to eat in the rest of the meal."

Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, baked potatoes, buttered beets, cheese delights, cocoa for a large party, old-fashioned dropped cookies - and so many more delights! Mothers can at last put their feet up and wait to be fed!

48pp hardbound facsimile edition, illustrated throughout, and with conversions on the inside covers.



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