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Beginning with the ancient Britons and dealing with each period and Monarch in turn, this tiny volume educates the reader in the basic events of British history at a rollicking pace. Each page bears a charming engraving and short verse outlining the subject - and if you begin at the beginning and read right through, you will indeed reach the middle-aged Queen Victoria with a fairly good idea of the eventful history that's shaped these ancient Isles!

With a quick reference guide to notable events and a complete list of British monarchs (with dates) in the rear, this book will prove particularly useful for ending those wet Sunday-afternoon arguments with a definitive fact.

"This is King George, the First of the name,
In whose time the Pretender to Peterhead came;
Then finding he had but a slender chance
To Conquer Great Britain, returned to France …"

So that's Napoleon dealt with then!

60pp softback facsimile of a book first published in 1868, illustrated throughout.



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