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Every Man His Own Doctor

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Please do take this book with a dose of aloes and a pinch of salt! That said, there are some potentially useful recommendations in here for things like ointment of sulphur (for 'the itch'), vinegar of roses (for headaches), ginger beer and various household recipes - but overall the advice in this book is more of historic and horrific interest than practical use.

The main part of the book consists of various suggested cures and 'prescriptions' for a huge range of afflictions, ranging from sprains and scalds to cancer. Also contains sections of perfectly credible household receipts, receipts for cows, horses and sheep, and on electricity as a 'powerful remedy'. A true period piece!

Oral mercury is not to be recommended as a treatment for worms (though it once was commonplace and actually worked), an ointment of laudanum would doubtless take your mind off your piles, and sheep's dung is not generally recommended as a cancer cure …

"This work contains a great number of superior Prescriptions and Receipts, which will be found of incalculable benefit to Families, none of whom ought to be without a copy when it can be purchased at so cheap a rate. For want of a Book of this description, many Families have been subjected to very great inconvenience, personal injury, and even life has been endangered on account of it."

A book-case essential today, as when it was first published, though perhaps not for quite the reasons the author intended!

59pp softback facsimile of a book first published in 1835.



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