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Biobar Household Soap SECONDS

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Our Best Seller:- The super cleaning soap that no natural home can survive without! It’s a stain remover - and also skin safe, so ideal for washing the hands of fire-layers, grime-busters and sod-tillers. And the knees of world-class junior skidders. Fantastic for removal of all known dirt and laundry stains, including: mud, shoe polish (even black), fresh or dried blood, red wine, grass, blackcurrant, raspberry and tomato juice, various inks, cocoa, chocolate, ketchup …

We've also recently discovered that used just like any normal soap, Biobar makes a miraculous cleaner and polish for silver, too! And an unpleasant (involuntary!) experiment with a thoroughly rotten egg has proved that it's also a pretty powerful anti-odour soap in the kitchen.

It’s so quick and easy to use, too! Just moisten the stain and rub the bar well into the fabric – then throw the item into the machine and forget all about it! For soaking sportswear and so on, grate a third to half a bar into water, soak for an hour or two, and reduce your bill for cricket and tennis whites to such an extent that someone can buy themselves a new and even more impressive bat. Or racket … You’d look pretty silly playing tennis with a cricket bat, after all.

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Seconds can be slightly under the usual weight of 100g, or hilariously mis-shaped. The soap itself is exactly the same magical stuff as usual.



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