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Rescue for Passengers

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Essential reading for train travellers - especially those using the old Network Southeast! First written in St Petersburg in 1885, this delightful little booklet oozes period charm - but also contains much that will be of use and interest to the modern commuter.

'Precautions to observe on crowded platforms and at the doors of railway carriages' will strike a chord with anyone used to the rush-hour tube - likewise 'rules to observe to avoid falling from the shock of a sudden stoppage'! 'How to leap out of a train in motion' is something perhaps only Daniel Craig would find of practical use today - but the author is at pains to point out that this particular guide is for emergency use only!

"I have endeavoured to treat the subject from a point of view entirely new and, as yet, unnoticed, and which I have been led to adopt by inferences, drawn both from my experience as a teacher of gymnastics … and my long and frequent journeys by rail. I am convincd that people, crippled and killed in such catastrophes, are much more the victims of their own anxiety and fear at the approach of danger, than of the accident itself."

An excellent piece of work from start to finish - and as useful today as the day it was written.

32pp softback facsimile booklet, first published 1885 and illustrated throughout with charming period engravings.



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